It's hard to listen to some of the testimony that's apparently been given in this case. Much of it has to do with Brandon McInerney, who murdered Lawrence King, feeling "harassed" by Lawrence's alleged many of us, and I'd venture to say ALL of us, as LGBT Americans, had to deal with the flirtations and advances of the opposite sex during our school years. We didn't want that either, but how many of became so angry that we murdered someone? I haven't researched the stats, but I'd fell comfortable saying NONE.

Until we can come to a point in society that we instill in our children that this is a country of an infinite number of human variations, and that none of them should be taken as offensive or dangerous to our own identity, this kind of tragedy will never stop.

Basically, as LGBT Americans, we're expected to kindly accept the advances of those we aren't inherently attracted to, while heterosexual Americans, who occasionally murder or violently attack those of the same sex due to flirtations, are afforded a jury to decide if it was verifiable.

Can anyone say TWINKIE?