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In a major win, although Canadian, not American, for freedom of speech, Canada's broadcast standards council has amended an earlier ruling which deemed the word "faggot" in the Dire Straits song "Money For Nothing" too offensive for public radio. They simply said, "it must be taken in context".


The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission had asked for a review of the song after the standards council ruled in January that the British band's song was unfit for radio because its lyrics include three instances of the offensive anti-gay slur "faggot". The council had responded to a complaint from a radio listener.

The council released its review decision Wednesday, saying the majority of the council's panel felt the song used the word satirically and not in a hateful manner.

The original ruling was based on A SINGLE COMPLAINT. The song was released, and has been playing on the radio since 1985. The band has confirmed the reference was satirical.


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